Ania Pilipenko

Web3 & ReFi: building economy for Street Art

Street art is the most influential art movement around the world, and yet its legacy is TEMPORARY & mostly UNPROTECTED. Artists are LACKING IP RIGHTS and identity PROTECTION. TheART traditional MARKET and commercial city development (gentrification) are GATEKEEPING the street art culture from thriving and self-empowerment. How can we buidl a revolution using a Web3 and ReFi stack? #grassroots #art #community #NFT #metaverse #DAO #refi

Ania Pilipenko, lawyer, MA in Art and Media Administration, form. board member of the Cooperative for Urban Creativity (Berlin), and co-founder of the Holzmarkt 25 project in Berlin ( Since 2021 founder of Metawalls - a platform that connects the urban art community with Web3, NFT, and Metaverse. The aim is to enable new, long-term possibilities for participation, marketing, and securing copyrights for artists. It also opens up new ways for collectors to participate and contribute to the emerging 'culture' economy, as well as innovative ways of interacting with art. I see Web3 technology as a powerful tool to democratize access to resources, markets, and data which in the long term can enable a more participative, and inclusive creator’s economy.

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Ania Pilipenko

Ania Pilipenko

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