Claudio Weck

Fan Experience through Gamified NFTs - Learnings of Migration to Polygon & Sports Club on Ethereum

At we deal with gamified fan engagement for sports fans. Together with our partners like the German Olympic Team, the German National Football Teams we faced the same challenge as many NFT projects:How can we make mass adoption possible by lowering the technical hurdle - without losing the decentralized spirit.To do this, we use Universal Profiles - decentralized on-chain social profiles based on the ERC725 standard. And together with inventors Fabian Vogelsteller (author ERC20, Web3.js) and LUKSO Network we have developed an advanced NFT standard - ready for gamification.So we collect the NFTs on the Universal Profile smart contracts, and have in parallel an app for iOS & Android. Firstly, we have migrated to the Polygon Mainnet. And launched the []( Sports Club as ERC721A on Ethereum.

Claudio piloted blockchain in cars and supply chain in 2017 and had a first NFT pilot in 2018 with the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team. Porsche Ventures became a seed investor in His vision is a platform, simple for all sports fans and decentralized, using ERC725 (UP).

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Claudio Weck

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