Uma Hagenguth

How to build a successful third web ecosystem using Blockchain, NFTs & Metaverse technology

With my team, using Unreal Engine 5, we built our own 3D immersive Metaverse spaces and for my presentation, I will have my avatar presenting in synch with me, while the background is moving in our 3D spaces, instead of boring 2D slides. Many projects and teams talk about web3 and metaverse, but we are here to showcase what's possible and what we've built so far. I've been fulltime in the blockchain and crypto space since 2016 and have been speaker at all the major events and stages in the world. This year our main project the APPICS app launched on the App Store & Google Playstore, we are among the top 3 social decentralized apps, so may talk will include explaining how web3 social media works, in combination with NFTs and moving towards more immersive experiences using Metaverse technology

Uma started her career as an online entrepreneur at the age of 15, helping businesses successfully transition to digital. She co-founded a digital marketing agency, while expanding her knowledge in the crypto space. Through a mentor she learned about cryptocurrencies in 2013 and became a blogger on blockchain in 2016. In 2018 she combined her passion for blockchain with her passion for social media and philanthropy and co-founded APPICS AG - a web3 company based in Switzerland that focuses on building applications that make the benefits of blockchain more accessible for the masses. With her team she successfully launched the web3 social media app APPICS in the App Store earlier this year and became board member at the Telos Foundation, a Layer-1 Blockchain. Uma has spoken on over 20 stages across the world and has been recognized as a thought leader by industry experts. Her mission is to empower people around the world to build their web3 communities and lower the barrier for entry for anyone from anywhere in the world to benefit from disruptive technologies, namely blockchain.

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Co-founder & COO at APPICS AG


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Uma Hagenguth

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