Tracy Chang

Investment in knowledge pays even better in web3

Benjamin Franklin said an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. This statement is made more true in blockchain enabled web3 environments where people can learn to earn in the more direct way ever made available to people, hence making education, especially in financial literacy, a extremely relevant and valuable use case. My talk will be focused around how to use game design and blockchain to transform the delivery of financial literacy to more people.

Tracy Chang is co-founder and CEO of Tradelite Solutions, an innovative tech startup that brings financial data into video games to make complex personal finance knowledge easily accessible, consumable and enjoyable for billions of people. Over 10 years of her career, Tracy has designed digital products and user experiences, built and managed organizations, led programs, coached teams and advised institutions and start-up in the digital finance space globally. As an artist and an economist, Tracy has a talent in solving problems with creative yet practical solutions. In the last 2 years, Tracy and the Tradelite team have been building a game based financial engagement DeFi ecosystem to enable a seamless journey from play-to-learn to play-to-earn and beyond. Tradelite is the ultimate combination of Tracy’s passion for gaming and extensive knowledge and experiences in FinTech. Prior to founding Tradelite, Tracy had been a Partner at Trestle Innovation, a boutique banking consultancy; a founding team member and Head of Product at Fidor Solutions, the fintech arm of Fidor Banking Group; and a senior digital project manager at Standard Chartered Bank. Tracy has a BA in Economics from Boston College and an MBA from Mannheim Business School.

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CEO Co-Founder Tradelite Solutions / Mogaland


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Gaming, Financial literacy, financial engagement in web3, education, learn to earn

Tracy Chang

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