David Peng

How we convinced brands and their non crypto-native customers to use NFTs

It's one thing to understand NFTs; it's another thing to use them.

We worked with brands to launch PFP collections, digital memberships, and token-gated experiences. Each brand had the same issues:
- No NFT expertise;
- Concerns about the negative connotations around the word "NFT" and non-crypto-native customers.

We convinced brands to use NFTs with these strategies:
- Developed software for brands to create NFTs and additional utility such as token-gated commerce and codeless token generation;
- Marketed NFTs as "digital memberships" and access passes to exclusive communities so that customers assumed they were purchasing innovative digital memberships rather than NFTs; and
- Enabled fiat payment and social log-in so customers could purchase NFTs without cryptocurrency or a wallet.

David is the CEO of Webmint, a tool that enables brands to build NFT communities with no code. David began his career as a corporate lawyer, having worked in Singapore, the US, Canada, Australia and now Germany. He found his way into web3 as a junior lawyer advising Binance on their token launch as well as related finance and securities issues. David pivoted towards SaaS after moving to Germany in 2019 and became the VP of Legal and Commercial at a web2 SaaS company. He took his knowledge of running a SaaS co. and passion for web3 to Webmint, where he hopes to build tools to encourage greater web3 participation.

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CEO of W3bmint


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David Peng

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