Konstantin Graf

Bridging physical and digital worlds with web3 loyalty and rewards

We are very focused on easy access for consumers and brands this is why we start with physical events and sports as large scale traction is possible in this domain.We are building the white-label solution for a more engaging loyalty system. Transforming consumers into a fan community starting at live events and extending them into the digital world.Our solution provides the fans with a value-adding experience and brands with a 1:1 connection with their customers.

12 years in Management Consulting focused on digital transformation leading the German I.40 practise, building a global blochain CoE at Capgemini/Altran, after that CEO of Chainstep scaling from 3 to 15 employees, 1,5 years ago started Kollektor.io

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CEO Chainstep GmbH / Co Founder Kollektor.io


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Konstantin Graf

Konstantin Graf

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