Heinrich Wilking

The Metaverse – Game Changer for Businesses

how to enter secure – trustful - compliant

Being successful in business corporates have to follow a number of obligations and customer expectations. Management of the risks is a challenge not even in the established businesses. Entering the Metaverse can be more demanding for organizations so that managers might view the chances of the new technologies hidden. This presentation illustrates how to achieve the opportunities of the Metaverse and Web 3 effectively, and how to mitigate and avoid risks. Legal (GDPR, KonTrAG, BilMoG, KRITIS …), industry regulations (healthcare, food & drug, automotive …) require that risks such as data privacy, sustainability, social governance, financial fraud, cyber are taken care of and managed properly. How to achieve these in the Metaverse is still under change. With my expertise you will hear an innovate approach to manage Risk & Compliance in the Metaverse. Using practical business examples, mainly SAP based, participants will learn how to conquer new markets with the methods of risk and opportunity management in the Metaverse, safely, reliably and in accordance with the rules.

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Web3 - Blockchain - SAP Governance, Risk & Compliance


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Heinrich Wilking

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