Chris Wieduwilt

Advocating for music to receive more recognition through web3

Music is an intriguing use case for NFTs and can help artists build up a community of super fans to continue their craft in a sustainable way.The rise of NFTs looks to support the collectibles theory of music and could bring back the collectors mindset, which has been taking a back seat in the last decade.I help artists and labels navigate the space and explore opportunities. My motivation to launch ACOY is rooted in my own experience as a musician and working in the music industry in London.

🤷‍♂️ Everyone needs solutions to problems in their lives. Some are better than others. I constantly challenge myself to make something better than the status quo. Usually in the digital space for companies such as Lufthansa, Porsche, KUKA, L'Oreal, Goodyear & more. I’m fascinated by the value proposition of #web3 and a collective future where owning digital assets let’s us participate, dream & create. 🎵 I’ve recently started an interesting journey that will let me reimagine the future of music together with curious individuals & businesses. In particular that is the exploration of NFTs, which promise to provide an opportunity to connect artists with fans in unique ways. 🎤 It’s like the Michael Jackson of technology for music. Unique & hard to imitate. NFT technology is based on blockchain technology and with any technology you can use it to your best advantage if you know how. Combining my love for NFTs and music is a full circle event for me. I used to travel the world as a musician & worked in the music industry for record labels (Z Records by Dave Lee), music producers (Benny D, Shuta Shinoda, Matt Hyde) & as an artist manager (Flight Brigade). If you are also curious & would like to discover the power of NFTs. Get in touch & we’ll start your next journey together.

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Chris Wieduwilt

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