Oliver Löffler

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We are experienced gaming entrepreneurs that enter web3 - I did a 9-figures exit to Ubisoft with Kolibri Games.Our goal is to bring the tycoon genre to web3 and establish the first meta economy by combining tokenomics with fun gameplay. We are also in talks with CyberKongz and bears deluxe to integrate their $banana and $honeyd token deeply into our economy. The next big wave in crypto will be about gaming, which will bring mass adoption to web3, let's have a chat about that.

I co-founded Kolibri Games during my studies, iterated or game versions frequently till we came out with our most successful game Idole Miner Tycoon. Recently we sold Kolibri Games for a nine-digit amount to Ubisoft. After that, I went all the way down the rabbit whole in web3 and saw so many opportunities that I founded Angry Dynomites Lab, the first meta-economy game on the blockchain.

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CEO & Co-Founder Angry Dynomites Lab / Founder BLN Capital


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Oliver Löffler

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